Book Review: Evan’s Encore by R.B. Hillard

Evan Walker is the new keyboardist in Meltdown. He was officially invited to join the band after he helped Meltdown out after their previous keyboardist was killed by their lead guitarist. The band needed to complete a short three month tour for publicity. Evan's wife of nine years was furious that he joined the band even after he bought her a new Porsche and a McMansion of a house. His sister and brother tried to tell him that his wife was cheating on him, but he didn't want to listen. He didn't listen when a previous band mate told him the same thing months later. But he had to be sure, he had LASH, a private security company that the band uses look into it. They found that his wife, Mandy was not only cheating on him but was didn't actually work at the pharmaceutical company she told him. That most of their marriage has been riddled with lie after lie.  Evan moves in with the country bar owner of Margo's, Quinn. 

Wedding Stresses

My first attempt Tomorrow, my brother is getting married. I have been his unofficial wedding planner. I made the invitations, organized the food, destressed the bride for getting overwhelmed (daily), and (so far) attempted NOT to kill the maid of honor who has thus far shucked her duties even "forgetting" to book the avenue for the …

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